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Simply Earthly Ice Buster

Ice Buster is a sustainable, fast-acting and effective formula that:


* Modifies and softens snow and ice crystals.


* Generates heat as it works, improving performance.


* Can be used neat or mixed with rock salt, for effectiveness at lower temperatures than 5 degree F.  (Rock salt is ineffective at 5 degree F or lower).


* Maintains effectiveness in extremely cold temperatures, as low as      -40 F.


* Is biodegradable and made in the U.S.A from farm products.



Ice Buster is a revolutionary way to treat ice and snow on highways, roadways, bridges, walkways and more.  It works by modifying and softening the ice crystals; subsequently, the ice/snow melts due to Ice Buster's heat generation and low freeze point. 


Apply Ice Buster to gutters!  It will prevent solid ice formation.  


A safe and green formula, Ice Buster is no more corrosive than tap water, and is harmless to vegetation and pets.  Its low freeze point will mitigate freeze-thaw cycles of roads, which can help prevent potholes!  And because it is non-salt based, corrosion to metal surfaces and vehicles is of less concern.  It truly is a new-and-improved way to treat snow and ice! 


Ice Buster can be applied neat or mixed with rock salt to improve salt's effectiveness at 5 degree F or lower.  (Rock salt is ineffective at temperatures 5 degree F or lower). 


Ice Buster comes in a variety of containers from one gallon to 265-gallon totes.  Bulk volume (4,000-gallon tank truck) is available for large applications. 


To inquire about Simply Earthly Products, please contact us here.  




We have over 15 years of experience applying Ice Buster's formula.  Ice Buster's formula was developed about 2000.  We patented it for heavy industrial applications.  The heavy industry globally has been applying Ice Buster's formula since about 2003.  It is a proven formula. 



We will work with you to assure your satisfaction.  We can provide or advise on applicators.  For large applications we can also help with logistics and storage.  We can guarantee supply availability.   .  




We currently ship from Chicago.  Other locations are pending.


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