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New!  Simply Earthly NO DUST

Environmentally Safe NO DUST  - Great for Construction Sites!  Control Dust for Extended Periods!  No Need to Spray Water Repeatedly to Control Dust.



NO DUST​ works quickly by moisturizing and penetrating the soil, dirt roads, or other solid, granular material that can generate dust.  The soil or dusty material remains moist for extended period because of NO DUST’s  humectant property and extremely slow evaporation rate.  


NO DUST is viscous and is heavier than water.  It seeps into the ground or solid material keeping a layer moist.  Compare NO DUST’s vapor pressure to water’s vapor pressure @ 38 degree C:  <0.1 mmHg to 487 mmHg, respectively.  This means the evaporation rate of NO DUST is much less than water’s evaporation rate.   All these characteristics prevent dust formation.  Dust will not form even if heavy construction trucks run over the treated area.  


Moreover, NO DUST is environmentally safe - it is non-toxic derived from farmed products.  It is safe for pets and vegetation, and is biodegradable.


Typically, water is sprayed to control dust.  However, water is effective for only a short period of time.  Within about an hour water can evaporate and dust can form again.   Hence, water spray is repeated continuously.  This is costly and waste valuable water resources.  


Steel mills are applying NO DUST on its dirt roads.  NO DUST prevented dust for over a week before another application is needed, even under heavy truck traffic.  


Above pictures:  Application spray onto steel mill's  dirt more dust from heavy traffic....

Controlling dust may be required by local, state, or federal rules or regulations.  In addition, controlling dust may be necessary to provide a safe environment for industries, construction site, and/or the public.  We can work with your team to provide effective dust control and/or to meet regulations.  



Our technician will work with you on your specific application.  


NO DUST comes in several container sizes from 5 gallon pails to 265 gal totes.  Bulk volume (4,000 gal tank truck) is available for large applications.  Spray applicators can be provided for certain applications.  Diaphragm pumps can be used to transfer NO DUST.   We can help design the applicator to meet your specific need.   


Contact us and we can forward you our most recent NO DUST product bulletin.  






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