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Our material handling aids have been applied widely by industries for many years.  It is proven technology.
  • "Moisture Aid" has been applied by a mine since 2022 to reduce moisture of its waste coal sludge.  Moisture Aid (supplied in supersac bags)  treated about 1,600,000 tons of sludge.  The sludge removed of water was able to be transferred from the site, mitigating environmental liability and public health concerns.  Moisture Aid is a proprietary dry polymer chemistry.
  • New Formulation!  Simply Earthly NO DUST - patented technology.

Environmentally safe NO DUST  - Great for controlling dust for extended periods!  No need to spray water repeatedly to control dust.  NO DUST works quickly by moisturizing and penetrating the soil, dirt roads, or other granular materials that can generate dust.  The soil or dusty materials remain coated for extended period because of NO DUST’s humectant and active properties that bind the dust particles.  

Moreover, NO DUST is environmentally safe - it is non-toxic and is derived from renewable products.  It is not harmful to animals and vegetations; it is non-corrosive to vehicles and structures; and it is biodegradable.


Case in point:  Steel mills have applied NO DUST on its dirt roads.  NO DUST prevented dust for over a week before another application was needed, even under heavy truck traffic. Illustrations are shown below.


Road dust prior to application of No Dust.                             No dust after application of No Dust.




  • Simply Earthly Ice Buster, patented technology   Improved green formulation!!!


Proven anti-ice/snow reagent that has been applied by industries and municipality.  Ice Buster....


* Modifies and softens snow and ice crystals.

* Can be applied neat or mixed with rock salt, increasing salt's effectiveness at lower temperatures.  (Rock salt is ineffective at 5 degree F or lower).

* Maintains effectiveness in extremely cold temperatures, as low as  -30 F.

* Is biodegradable and made in the USA from renewable resources.

A safe and green formula, Ice Buster is no more corrosive than tap water, and is harmless to vegetation and animal.  Its low freeze point will mitigate freeze-thaw cycles of roads, which can help prevent potholes!  And because it is non-salt based, corrosion to metal surfaces and vehicles is of less concern.  It truly is a new-and-improved way to treat snow and ice! 

Application on a major city street during winter to prevent ice/snow accumulation....





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